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Anthony Liscio

Anthony Liscio is the Vice President of Alto Properties, a multi-unit residential real estate company based out of Toronto. He has held the position since 2016.

As an entrepreneur, Anthony sees Alto Properties as an extension ofhis home. Anthony prioritizes building relationships with residents as well as with members of the community in which he lives.

As a lymphoma cancer survivor, Anthony is passionate about cancer research and is a Board Member of the Patient and Family Advisory Committee for Lymphoma Canada. In 2013, he spoke to a hall of 150 people about his journey and continues to advocate for cancer research and treatments today.

With an interest in politics, in 2008 Anthony volunteered in the Canadian Federal Election, first going door-to-door and then rising up the ranks to become the youngest campaign manager for a Member of Parliament (MP) candidate as well as maintained a position for a number of years on the local electoral board of advisors for his riding. In his spare time, Anthony Liscio enjoys playing squash, golf and hockey.